Home Sweet Home...

Welcome to Xenon's little corner of the web. My friends sometimes call me Xen. The main highlight of this site is my blog, which you can see right above. Then you also have some other pages of things I find interesting, so have fun with all of that! I want to maintain a cozy vibe on my site because, let's face it, the web can be big and scary sometimes. I know I'm not the most chill person either, so I want to provide the cozy environment I wish I had IRL.

Not important, but I thought it would be a fun sidenote to point out that I went completely overkill in making this website by writing it all using Microsoft Visual Studio Code. Yes I had it installed before I decided to try making a website again, yes I know Notepad++ is more than sufficient, please don't ask these things.

About Xenotiic

My name is Xenotiic but you can call me Xe, Xenon. My friends sometimes call me Xen. I am 19 years old and currently live in the US, GMT-08. You can learn more about my various niches, hobbies and interests in my pile.

This is my personal site, which I hope to use as a central landing page for future projects, or at least that it will be something fun to work on and mess with over time.

Here you will find all sorts of fun stuff, from different projects I am working on, to my blog, and some lists of interests. IDK if lists are interesting, but maybe my lists will lead you to something else fun. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Last updated 26 November 2020